OK, you have the most amazing entertainment system. The speaker system blows away your guests. And the neighbours. But how do you change from Sky to DVD or BluRay?

Our systems are never left like this. We give you a single, easy-to-use one-touch controller that requires just that – one button press – to perform the most common tasks. No more changing input on the TV and deciphering between ‘AV3S’ and ‘HDMI2’. And then the amplifier needs changing setting. No more.

Touchscreen control is great these days. Especially with a tablet computer like an iPad. But for watching TV especially a hand held ‘remote’ is the way to go. We provide one for all systems that will do everything, and if you want we can add the same functionality to your iPad so that selecting music or movies is really easy and fun.

Of course it’s not just your AV system that is controlled, but your whole home. Lighting, heating, security cameras. While you are out you can check to see if there is anyone parked on the drive, or check the temperature and turn it up before you get home. Lovely.