Networks. They’re everywhere. And now, everything is connected to one. Lighting, heating, home entertainment and security systems. Oh, and your computer. And iPad. And your smartphone. You get the idea.

Where once we wanted to use a laptop in the kitchen instead of a desktop PC in the Study, we now want to use our iDevices all over the house and garden. And not just ‘use’ but stream music and video too. This is way more than most giveaway routers are capable of delivering.

If you are thinking that Wi-Fi alone will do the trick, good luck with that. Time and again we are finding that the cabled infrastructure we put in previously is proving invaluable in providing the reliability our clients demand.

We make sure that our designs cater for what’s needed now and as best as we can, what’s around the corner. A good combination of wired and wireless technology that won’t fall over when your daughter starts to catch up with the latest episode on 4oD or your son starts that on-line game.

We use commercial-grade routers and access points that are designed to provide a highly robust connection with optimum speed and reliability across your entire home or business premises.

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