Even before you get up in the morning, the house gets to work. Your blinds open gradually to wake you with natural sunlight whilst soft music fills the room.

Imagine, before you’re even out of bed, your home turns on the heating and lighting, opens the blinds throughout the house and warms the towel rail for you… without you lifting a finger. If you get up in the night, low-level lighting guides your path to the bathroom or to check on the children. Once you’re back in bed, it switches off again.

Protection around the clock

Your home is always looking out for you. Whilst you’re asleep, it keeps watch, alerts you to any intruders and sounds the alarm
in an emergency. It can warn you about dangers such as fire or water leaks and light a path to safety. Your Loxone Smart Home gives you peace of mind, around the clock.

Your LOXONE Home knows you

A Loxone Smart Home greets the first person who returns home with a welcoming warmth and the reassuring feeling that everything is alright. That’s thanks to the heating system, which thinks for itself; in fact, it learns how to improve and becomes more efficient over time. It makes sure you’re always comfortable in every room and saves energy in rooms that are not being used.

Once everyone has left the house, security mode kicks in. All sensors go into alarm mode: doors lock, lights are switched off and the heating is lowered. When you go away on holiday, the house mimics your everyday actions to deter would-be intruders. Upon your return, the house is already warm and cosy, just how you like it.


As a nation, we’re obsessed with the weather, and your home should be no different. Come rain or shine, your home will make the most of it. If you have large glass windows or doors, your blinds and shading can automatically adjust to the path of the sun, and close during the day to prevent rooms from overheating. Similarly, if you have a solar PV system, your home can run the washing machine, dishwasher or even charge your electric car using the free electricity you’re generating from the sun.

Your Personal Assistant

Waiting for an important parcel to arrive? Your home will let you know when it‘s there. Keep forgetting to close the garage door? Your home will gently remind you or even close it for you automatically.

Life at home is like flying on autopilot! It takes care of the daily running of your home for you, however, if you ever want to change something, a single click on a switch or smartphone is enough.

A Loxone Smart Home brings you happiness. It makes your home smarter, safer, more comfortable and energy efficient. The best bit? It may even make the neighbours a little jealous!

The Loxone Home