Have you ever watched one of those TV shows about building your dream home? You know, where they show a fantastic home at the end with a lovely kitchen and shiny floors? And then the camera pans across and you see a giant panel on the wall with a bank of switches and knobs that look horrendous.

We can’t think of anything worse. Why not just a single, simple control panel with just a few buttons? One where you know that every single time you press a certain button you get the same results each time, rather than trying to get your selection of knobs turned to look like it did last time.

That’s what we do. All the dimmers and controls are tucked out of the way with just a simple panel wherever you need it. Easy. And what’s more you’re likely to save energy too. We can even make it look like you’re in when you’re not.

Our systems can control any lighting load too. Low voltage, halogen, compact fluorescent (CFL) and now LED – the lighting of the future. White or colour-changing. Whilst we’re at it, why not automate the blinds and curtains too?