We like to think of a Home Cinema as just that. A Cinema. Giving you the true sense of being immersed in the directors creative and story telling skills. The only way this can be achieved is if the room is dark, comfortable and equipped with a well-designed large screen projection system and suitable audio system.

If you have seen a projected image and been disappointed we’ll have a guess that it’s been in a bar or club and looked dreadful. We don’t do that.

For dedicated cinema rooms we design the space fully. From the screen size, seating position (not forgetting the ‘sweet spot’ you’ll sit in) to acoustic treatments that reduce undesirable sound reflections from side walls.

We also install first-rate projectors and screens that look exceptional. And with the press of one button the movie starts. It could be that when you press the button the lights dim and the curtains close as the screen gently drops from the ceiling.

All this along with carefully-designed lighting, control and acoustic considerations so that your cinema experience is like no other.