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Not blowing our own horn, but we are often at CEDIA expo’s providing expertise, fielding questions from prominent developers and architects.

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  • Expert knowledge built up from over 10 years in systems integration.
  • Backed by leading manufacturers, distributors and trade associations.
  • Innovative solutions.
  • A personalised service that responds to you or your businesses needs.
  • We care as much about your project as you do.
  • All systems designed and installed professionally – satisfaction guaranteed.

With just a small amount of planning and some well-designed equipment, your music need not stay in one room. Why not have music everywhere? Kitchen, Study, Games Room, Patio, Outdoors – the only limit is your imagination.[/fusion_old_tab]

We like to think of a Home Cinema as just that. A Cinema. Giving you the true sense of being immersed in the directors creative and story telling skills. The only way this can be achieved is if the room is dark, comfortable and equipped with a well-designed large screen projection system and suitable audio system.
Have you ever watched one of those TV shows about building your dream home? You know, where they show a fantastic home at the end with a lovely kitchen and shiny floors? And then the camera pans across and you see a giant panel on the wall with a bank of switches and knobs that look horrendous.

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